Honneypie recipe

You will need those ingredients:

Honneypie is sweet (and extremely fat) dessert, nevertheless it's very good and if you eat it only time to time, it can't hurt. It's basically several sheets of gingerbread, coated alternately with curd and caramel cream. It's best well-hung so it's good to make it at least several hours before serving. It's my favourite pie to make for my friends ...

For caramel cream you take the can of condensed milk, put it into pot, fill with water and cook on mild fire for two hours. It's good to turn the can upside down in the middle. The result should be condensed milk turned into dense brownish caramel cream. Pay attention so you don't boil it so the can doesn't explode (cans are quite tough so if it starts puffing, just cut down fire). Also when opening the can, it tends to be under slight pressure and likes splashing on anything that gets into it's way - so be careful. To make the cream complete, you whip contents of can with one butter.

Making curd cream is really simple, you take curd, whip it so it doesn't contain blobs and that's it. You can mix it with sugar but i personally like sweet caramel flavour fighting with gently sour curd.

And finally, the gingerbread. Take what is left (aparts from flour and egg which are added a little later): baking soda, sugar, honey and the other butter, put it into the pot and gently heat it so all the ingredients melt. It will start growing and bubbling so you need your pot to be enough so it doesn't overflow. Go on heating it until it slightly diminishes and on the bottom of pot is brown sirup.

Then comes the flour and egg (egg is not really necessary): mix in enough flour to make soft dough you can roll to plates later. The original recipe involves 900g of flour but sometimes you need less, sometimes you use the whole bag. Work your dough thoroughly, then roll a thick noodle from it so it's easy to slice it to several equal lumps. Roll each lump to equally large plate, not very thick as it will grow in the oven. Otherwise the size and shape is up to you ... You will also need to bake a little plate (can use clippings) to crush and sprinkle on top of honneypie. (that's optional)

Heat the oven to 170 degrees and bake each plate on baking paper for seven minutes. (if you make plates too thin then maybe for a little less so you don't burn them)

Now it gets easy. you coat plates with cream and put them onto each other, i mostly strive to have curd on top of the whole pie, but it doesn't really matter. When you're done, you smear sides of honneypie with remaining curd. Then sprinkle it with grated ginger clippings. You can create some ornaments from cocoa or chilli if you like ...

And that's it ... now you put it to cold room (or warm refrigerator :)) and let it rest for couple hours. bon apetit :)

... and this is how you can decorate your honneypie if you are drum & bass enthusiast like me ;)