Lukas Polok

My name is Lukas Polok and I'm a post-doc at The Faculty of Information Technology at Brno University of Technology. My thesis was on acceleration of nonlinear least squares solvers using SSE and GPU. During my studies, I supervised over 80 student projects, some of which received awards. You can see more details in my CV.

I'm interested in algorithm design, sparse linear algebra, parallelization and GPGPU, image processing and computer vision, 3D reconstruction, robotics, realtime rendering, procedural image and sound generation, compression techniques, languages and automata, demoscene and so on.

In my free time I like to go climbing, bouldering or long distance running. At some point I used to bike a lot. I enjoy post-rock music and going to the movies.

There are various methods of contacting me, I can recommend e-mail, icq 200339454 or Yahoo messenger luki.sach.