OpenGL ES 2.0 emulator


This is a small OpenGL ES emulator for PC. Code ("C" / C++), written for this emulator will mostly work on android platform, very little to no modifications should be required, one just needs to write an activity wrapper in Java.

Gomoku 3D by Trinerdis inc. was developed using this emulator.

status: functional, under development
language: C++
os: win32 / linux

version history

versionchanges from previous version
v0glGetIntegerv(GL_VERTEX_ARRAY_BINDING) not intercepted, shader strings are preprocessed outside glShaderString(). will fix this.
v1Fixed the above, added some OpenGL ES extensions.
v1.1Added some of Tegra 3 OpenGL ES extensions.


versionrelease datefilerelease notes above)
v12011-10-26GLES20Emu_2011-10-26_.zipemulator headers
v12011-10-26GLES20_Tutorial_2011-10-26_.zipexample project
v1.12012-02-20GLES20Emu_2012-02-20_.zipemulator headers
v1.12012-02-29GLES20_full_tegra_2012-02-29_.zipOpenGL ES 2.0 headers (no emulation, beta)
v1.12013-05-14clean_GLES20_Android-ready_widnow_.cppA small GLUT window, using the emulator