Lukas Polok's Homepage

I'm a computer scientist with interest in linear algebra, efficient solutions to sparse systems and the application of nonlinear optimization in computer vision, robotics and related fields. This is a copy of my old student website, which is about to get updated into a professional looking site. For the time being, you can see my CV.

Here's a list of my academic accounts. Lukas Polok on Google Scholar, Lukas Polok on Mendeley, Lukas Polok on Research Gate, Lukas Polok on, Lukas Polok on Microsoft Academic Search and Lukas Polok on LinkedIn.

For those who owe me some money or just want to sponsor me, my account number is: 670100-2214020006/6210 (mBank) The old account in Česká Spořitelna (1647****73/0800) is not active anymore, please do not use it. You can also use PayPal:

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